House rules

House rules

Article 1. Rules of conduct

1.1. During the rental period, the Renter and all those present must behave as may be expected from a good renter.

This means, inter alia, not causing damage or

(noise) nuisance to third parties. It is expressly not permitted to use the

Holiday Home on the occasion of student parties, bachelor parties and

other drinking parties.

1.2. Smoking is not allowed in and around the Holiday Home, unless it has been explicitly stated or agreed that

it is permitted.

1.3. If the Renter or the persons belonging to the Renter violate these house rules in Appendix 1,

the Landlord is entitled to terminate the Rental Agreement and have the

persons removed from the Holiday Home. The rent is non-refundable.

Article 2. Pets

Due to the allergies of our guests, no pets are allowed with the exception of the Australian Labradoodle. If in doubt about the anti-allergic characteristics of the dog, the Landlord can refuse the Renter.

If a Renter nevertheless enters the house with another pet, the Renter is responsible for the costs of cleaning the house and the loss of income that the Landlord suffers because any guests with an allergy can no longer enter the house.

Any faeces of the Labradoodle must be removed by the Renter from the garden or area around the Holiday Home.

Article 3. Swimming pool

3.1 Holiday Home Bois de la Borde has a swimming pool. This is stated on the Website.

However, the Landlord is entitled to close a swimming pool out of season.

This is not grounds for a refund of (part of) the rent. If the Renter wants to be sure that the swimming pool is open

during the relevant rental period, the Renter must verify this with

the Landlord.

3.2. Swimming pools comply with the set safety guidelines.

However, there is no supervision by third parties during the stay.

It is therefore always the responsibility of the Renter to observe normal caution when using the swimming pool.

In particular, parents should adequately supervise children

using the pool.

3.3. If a defect is found in the swimming pool that is potentially dangerous, the Renter must immediately report

this to the Landlord.

3.4. The use of a swimming pool is always the responsibility of the Renter.

The Landlord is never liable for damage or injury caused by using the

swimming pool.

3.5. The Renter must ensure that no (liquid) substances end up in the swimming pool.

If (liquid) substances end up in the swimming pool due to the actions of the Renter, as a result of which the

swimming pool must be cleaned, the Renter must immediately report this to the Landlord.

The Landlord may charge any cleaning costs to the Renter.

3.6 For the safety of children, the Renter must close the swimming pool when it is unattended by means of the automatic roll cover. It is not allowed to be on the roll cover.

3.7 It is strictly forbidden to let your Australian Labradoodle swim in the pool. The liner can be damaged, the Landlord can then recover these costs from the Renter.

Article 4. Damage

4.1. If something is damaged during the stay (such as broken glass or a chair breaks), the Renter

must report this to the Landlord as soon as possible.

4.2. The Renter is liable for all damage to, in or around the Holiday Home that has arisen during the stay due

to the actions of the Renter or the persons staying with the Renter in the Holiday Home.

This includes damage to household effects such as furniture or

crockery, damage to the Holiday Home itself such as broken windows, but also fire damage or water damage.

In principle, damage is understood to mean the costs of repair, and if

repair is not possible, the costs of replacement.

4.3. The Renter and any other persons staying in the Holiday Home must have appropriate liability, accident

and health insurance during the stay.

The Landlord is not liable for the consequences of not having

appropriate insurance.

Article 5. 

Delivery, final inspection Holiday Home and security deposit

5.1. When checking out, the Renter must ensure that the Holiday Home is left tidy.

5.2. At check-out, the Renter must be present and cooperate with the final inspection by the Landlord or a third party designated by the Landlord.

During the final inspection,

it is assessed whether there is any damage or necessary cleaning, and if so, what the costs are.

If the Renter has left the Holiday Home for the final inspection,

the Landlord is entitled to carry out the final inspection independently.

The Landlord’s findings are final.

5.3. If it appears that there is damage or additional cleaning is required, the Renter must reimburse these costs.

The Landlord is entitled to offset these costs against the security deposit.

If these costs exceed the security deposit, the Renter must pay these costs to the Landlord within 8

days after the final inspection.

5.4. If no damage was found during the final inspection and no additional cleaning

is required, the Renter will receive the paid security deposit back within 14 days after the end of the

rental period on the account number specified by the Renter.